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I am in transitioning to my new website Currently only my blog is up and it isn’t all that pretty right now. But it will now have all my Adv Web Design posts.


Assignment 5-USI Art Dept Site Design Statement

Graphic Design

The task this time is to design website for the USI Art Dept that will speak to High School students and their parents. Getting them engaged and interested in what USI has to offer.

To do this I plan to have quality photo gallery and videos. The photos will show the current students in classes as they are working on the assignments. As well as show exhibits and finished pieces. Perhaps higlight a few stidents and follow them a they finish the work at different stages. Videos would be similar but could get up close and show sculpture pieces or paintings as they are being made and get comments from the artists about what it takes to do the class.

Assignment 4B- Ecommerce Design Mock-ups

Graphic Design

For this design I chose to do a site for Lawn Art Aficianado.

I played up the tacky with bright pinks and a large Flamingo.

Assignment 4A- Ecommerce Design Statements

Graphic Design

For this design I have chosen to do a E commerce site for Lawn Art Aficianado.

I am going to play up the tacky , over the topness that most lawn art can be. Using bright colors, and large graphic of the best lawn ornament ever the Pink Flamingo.

Assignment 3A- Design Mock-ups

Graphic Design

Here are my mockups for the Mama Mia’s Pizzeria.

Assignment 3A- Design Statement


I will be designing a website for Mama Mia’s Pizzeria. I will make 2 mockups focused on the PC and a Mobile Phone. For the PC i will make a header image that shows the Mama Mia’s Logo centered and have the page menu be on either sides. I will have photos of the food and a place to put their TV commercial.

The main pages will be Menu, Dining, About Mama, Location, and Hall of Fame.


Advanced Web Design – First Blog Post


I am going back to school to get my Bachelors Degree. This blog will be used for my Advanced Web design class. I will be moving to a self hosted site soon. Just figuring out which host I want to use.

Looking forward to a productive semester.

“Kingfisher” iPhone & iPod Cases by jash | Redbubble

Graphic Design, Illustration, Uncategorized, Vector

“Kingfisher” iPhone & iPod Cases by jash | Redbubble. My newest work now available through my Redbubble page.

Kingfisher Iphone Cases

American Idol 2012 – Phillip Phillips

Graphic Design, Illustration, Vector

American Idol 2012 - Phillip Phillips

I sense that Phillip will be the American Idol. So i made him the focus of my newest illustration.

11th Doctor


11th Doctor

I love the show and wanted to make something. So here it is.