Assignment 4B- Ecommerce Design Mock-ups

Graphic Design

For this design I chose to do a site for Lawn Art Aficianado.

I played up the tacky with bright pinks and a large Flamingo.


2 thoughts on “Assignment 4B- Ecommerce Design Mock-ups

  1. I really like the use of bright greens and pinks throughout the design. This is really a nice design. I don’t know the first thing about coding and building a functioning website but may I make a suggestion? The idea and the colors are so vivid and fun, maybe the layout could be as well. Take a look at some more grids for examples.
    I believe they are magazine layouts but the idea is the same. There are so many fun ways to arrange your text and graphics. 

  2. The bright colors really grab ones attention, not sure about all the text you have squeezed into the mobile layout, I think it might be too much making it hard to read. Maybe try just having the pics with a summarized statement under them. Also there is a lot of white space and would like to see it filled up with more bright colors.

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